whitewater model packraft use in NZ Jun 28,2023

Packrafts are versatile inflatable watercraft that are designed to be lightweight, portable, and durable. They are primarily used for recreational purposes in a variety of outdoor activities, but they can also be used for certain professional and commercial applications. Here are some common usage areas for packrafts:

  1. Recreational River Running: Packrafts are often used by outdoor enthusiasts for river running, where they can navigate through rapids, whitewater sections, and calmer stretches of rivers. They provide a thrilling and accessible way to explore remote waterways and experience the joy of paddling.

  2. Backpacking and Hiking: Packrafts are popular among backpackers and hikers as they offer an efficient means of water transportation. They can be easily packed down to a small size and carried in a backpack, allowing users to cross lakes, ponds, and rivers that intersect their hiking routes.

  3. Fishing: Packrafts provide anglers with access to remote fishing spots that are difficult to reach by other means. They can carry fishing gear and allow fishermen to explore and fish in rivers, lakes, and even coastal areas.

  4. Expedition and Wilderness Travel: Packrafts are widely used in expeditions and wilderness travel, enabling adventurers to explore remote and untouched areas. They can be used to traverse rivers, lakes, and even open ocean sections, providing a means of transportation in otherwise inaccessible locations.

  5. Photography and Filmmaking: Packrafts are favored by photographers and filmmakers who want to capture stunning images and footage from unique angles on the water. They offer a stable platform for equipment and provide access to otherwise unreachable perspectives.

  6. Search and Rescue Operations: Packrafts are utilized by search and rescue teams in situations where water is involved. They can aid in swift-water rescues, allowing rescuers to navigate through challenging conditions and reach individuals in distress.

  7. Scientific Research: Packrafts are used by researchers and scientists for fieldwork in aquatic environments. They can collect samples, conduct studies, and assist in data collection in areas where other watercraft may not be feasible.

It's important to note that packrafts have weight and capacity limitations, and users should always adhere to safety guidelines and regulations based on their specific usage and location.

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