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  • LoveInflatables logo label raft
    Jun 28,2023 LoveInflatables logo label raft
    Packrafting with a dog can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your furry companion. However, there are a few considerations and preparations to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip: Choose a dog-friendly packraft: Look for a packraft that is suitable for carrying a dog. Some packrafts are designed with reinforced bottoms or additional space to accommodate the weight and movement of a dog. Get your dog comfortable with the packraft: Depending on your dog's temperament and familiarity with water, it may take some time for them to get used to being on a packraft. Start by introducing them to the raft on dry land, allowing them to explore and become comfortable with it before going on the water. Ensure your dog is comfortable with water: Before taking your dog packrafting, make sure they are comfortable and confident in water. Introduce them to calm water environments such as lakes or slow-moving rivers first and gradually progress to more challenging conditions. Use a dog life jacket: Just like humans, dogs should wear a properly fitted life jacket while packrafting. This will provide buoyancy and support in case of any accidents, and will also make it easier to retrieve your dog if they fall overboard. Train your dog for packrafting commands: It's essential to have basic commands in place for your dog while on the packraft. Commands such as "sit," "stay," and "down" will help you maintain control and prevent any potentially dangerous situations. Secure your dog in the packraft: Ensure that your dog is securely and comfortably positioned on the packraft. You can use a non-slip pad or blanket to provide traction and prevent them from slipping. Bring essential items for your dog: Pack enough food, water, and any necessary medications for your dog. Additionally, bring a leash, poop bags, and any other supplies your dog may need while on the packraft. Check local regulations and rules: Some areas may have specific rules or restrictions regarding dogs on packrafts or in certain water bodies. Research and adhere to local regulations to ensure a smooth and legal trip. Monitor your dog's well-being: Keep a close eye on your dog's behavior and well-being while on the packraft. Monitor for signs of fatigue, overheating, or discomfort, and provide breaks as needed. Remember, safety should be the top priority when packrafting with your dog. Take the time to adequately prepare and train your dog before embarking on any packrafting adventures, and always prioritize their well-being throughout the trip.
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  • our packraft past TUV testing
    Jun 28,2023 our packraft past TUV testing
    Testing Plan: our Germany customer require us to pass the TUV report so we apply to TUV institution  associated with the testing process. Test Execution: Discuss the actual testing process, including the methods and techniques used. Results and Findings:  the findings from the TUV testing.  there is no  any non-compliance issues or areas of improvement identified during the testing process. its  successful outcomes or positive results achieved through the testing. Conclusion: after the progress of the TUV testing. its a significance and impact of the testing results on the safety and quality of the product, system, or process being evaluated. in the future , we will also keep improve on our products
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  • how to storage your packraft
    Oct 13,2022 how to storage your packraft
    Clean your packraft: Washing with mild soap helps keep your boat clean and prevent the spread of invasive species across waterways. Air dry your packraft:If your boat is stored wet, it will damage the TiZip-zipper and can develop a strong odour which can be very difficult to remove. In addition, wet packrafts can spread invasive species. We recommend hanging your boat to dry after every trip, before storing. Letting it dry while inflated is another great option. Storing your packraft: After it is clean and dry, we recommend storing your packraft in a cool dry place with good air flow. Hanging, loosely rolled up og loosely folded is good methods. To reduce UV aging, do not store your packraft in direct sunlight. Do not use “UV-Protectant” or similar sprays on your packrafts: These sprays create a hard outer coating that prevents repair materials and glue from sticking to the packraft. If you do accidentally use an UV-Protectant spray on your boat, it will wear off after some time use.
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  • how to choose a right packraft ?
    Apr 01,2022 how to choose a right packraft ?
    Choosing the appropriate packraft is very dependent on individual preferences. It is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in advance: Do I want to paddle alone or with a partner, or should both be possible? How tall and heavy am I myself? How much luggage do I want to stow? How do I transport the boat (backpack, bike, public transport, car)? How light and small does it have to be? What kind of waters (calm-, salt- or white water) and seasons are planned? Do I need a spraydeck? For an initial overview of our packraft rang, take a look at our packraft comparison chart. There you will find the most important data of all Packrafts at a glance. For more detailed descriptions and information on the individual models, we recommend the respective product descriptions.
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  • China power cuts: how is the raft manufacturer going on ?
    Nov 03,2021 China power cuts: how is the raft manufacturer going on ?
    China is struggling with a severe shortage of electricity which has left millions of homes and businesses hit by power how is the factory running who are struggle electricity supplies ? yes you are right now the raw material costs is keeping increasing , to avoid the raw material costs going up and power shotage problem . Fuzhou Love Inflatables Factory prepare  raw material sufficient supply and we don't need to running the power cuts as our factory in the downtown . so we can delivery our customer goods in time especially TPU packraft /white water raft
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  • Our TPU packraft  raft workshop production capacity enlarge
    Oct 29,2021 Our TPU packraft raft workshop production capacity enlarge
    All Love Inflatables Raft packrafts are handmade just for you by a very talented group of makers in our workshop,now we enlarge our workshop and production capacity with 1500-2000pcs every month .  We take pride in designing packrafts using premium materials that allow you a lifetime of use and adventure driven fun. This TPU nylon  allows us to give you a tour of the made-to-order process for every Love inflatables Raft packraft that leaves our shop. the increase of our production capacity can make your order delivery fast and in time .
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  • 2022 newly design TPU 420D whitewater packraft launch
    Oct 16,2021 2022 newly design TPU 420D whitewater packraft launch
    The 2022 newly design rapid tpu inflatable packraft is the perfect blend of quick engagement, predictable edge control, and precision handling to hit those tight lines that make the difference between just making it to the bottom and running a rapid with style. with a 15-7cm full floor removable is comfortable and keep your body dry from water . the welded spraydeck make you higher level and flexible .
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  • 13ft white water performance in white water level 5
    Jun 09,2021 13ft white water performance in white water level 5
    the 13ft Raft offers an exhilarating ride for paddlers inalllevels of whitewater  . A classc creeking raft that iseasy to ferry and stable enough to run steep drops and big waves
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